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Are you ready to have a HEALTHY, HAPPY home and an ABUNDANT life? If so, we're so glad you're here!

We all want what's best for our families, don't we? We believe we were designed by our Creator to live a lifestyle of wellness! We are honored to lead a team of Young Living members alongside an incredible group of like-minded men and women who are pursuing wellness in all areas of their lives. Our goal is to EMPOWER people with the strength to take control of their own health, ELEVATE them to a vibrant life through healthy choices, and show them how they can TRANSFORM their lives and the lives of others.

We discovered Young Living in 2012 and we have been blown away by the results we have seen ever since! By transitioning our home to a wellness-focused, toxin-free environment where our bodies can grow strong and function at their peak wellness level, we have seen incredible improvement in our health and overall LIFE! We welcome you to join us in the pursuit of wellness, purpose, and abundance!


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Upcoming Events

 May Business Builder Meeting

May Business Builder Meeting

Join us for encouragement, motivation, business tips, and personal development training!
We meet at 6 for dinner and 7 for the meeting. We wrap up between 8 - 8:30.

Rosita's Mexican Restaurant
8908 St Peter St
Indianapolis, IN 46227

This event is open to all members of the Indiana Essential Scentsabilities Team members.


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Help your heart and circulatory system in their crucial role of bringing vital oxygen to your body's tissues.

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Fortify your body's defense mechanism against the challenges of everyday life. This system includes our white blood cells, bone arrow, lymph nodes, appendix, and more.

Respiratory System

Support your lungs, sinuses, and the rest of your respiratory system.

Integumentary System

Boost your skin, hair, nails, teeth, eyes, and ears. Your skin is your largest organ and it only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb what touches it.

Endocrine System

Assist your pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands with everyday living. This system regulates a variety of actions in your body, including sleep and mood.

Reproductive System

Promote a healthier reproductive system and help with hormone balance.

Excretory System

A system that is protective of the body, its primary function is to eliminate waste and toxins. Includes your liver, lungs, intestine, and more.

Nervous System & Emotions

Your nervous system relays information from your muscles, skin, and organs to your brain. Contained here is your body's "fight or flight" mechanism.

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Updates from Daniel & Heidi Stone

 What's In Your Makeup?

What's In Your Makeup?

So I've been doing a little researching lately.  And as it turns out, this is probably a good thing.

You see, I have worn hardly any makeup since high school because my face would always break out whenever I did. I never really gave much thought to it, to be honest. "I just have sensitive skin," I would tell myself.

But, do you know what? It's not just that. 

There are TONS of ingredients in our products here in the United States that have been completely outlawed in countries across the globe! Why? Because they are so toxic to our bodies. As it turns out, it was a blessing in disguise that my body grabbed my attention so that I chose to forego most makeup for so many years. My body was actually helping me stay healthy!

Under our current federal law, makers of cosmetic products are not legally required to test the safety of their products. In some cases, the harmful ingredients are listed without any warning of potential side effects. In others, they are left out entirely and fall under the guise of "fragrance", which is another unregulated term. In addition to that, labels like "natural", "organic", and "herbal" have no legal requirements when it comes to cosmetic products.

Because our skin is our largest organ, and because it readily absorbs most anything we put on it, this spells bad news for consumers. We are absorbing all the products we put on our skin, and in the case of lipstick/lipgloss, we are literally eating it. Many of the ingredients in these skin care and makeup products (including phthalates, BHA/BHT, lead, arsenic, parabens, SLS, and more) have been linked to neurotoxicity, cancer, emotional disorders, asthma/respiratory issues, and more, in addition to being harmful to animals and fish once it gets washed off our skin and flows into our water system.

Test results show that removing these toxins from our makeup and skin care products dramatically lowers a woman's toxicity levels nearly immediately. But when added back into their routine, the spike in toxic levels is also nearly immediate.

So what's a girl to do?
Well, thankfully, there ARE safer options emerging, so we ladies can continue to look fabulous without sacrificing our health!

Young Living recently announced the launch of their line of toxin-free makeup called Savvy Minerals! Take a look:

Many Young Living members have been using this makeup since its launch last summer, but beginning on February 1st, this makeup will be available in a starter kit option so EVERYONE can enjoy the benefits!

As with all of Young Living's starter kits, this kit will allow you to be a part of the Young Living family, which means (for our team, at least) you'll have access to all kinds of education, support, and likeminded people who are on the same journey as you are - searching for vitality of life with toxin-free products! PLUS, it includes a lifetime membership to Young Living, which means you'll receive 24% off every single product you purchase, for the rest of time

As a woman, I want to encourage you to spread the word about Savvy Minerals to your friends! When we know better, we do better. And now you know better, so spread the word! We want to take care of our friends!

Friends don't let friends use toxic makeup.

If you're a Young Living member already, you can purchase these products RIGHT NOW by logging into the Young Living Virtual Office and placing any of the Savvy Minerals items in your Essential Rewards cart or your Quick Order cart. Also, be sure to let your friends know that Young Living offers a generous referral program and that you would be honored to have them use YOU as their referral!

If you're not a Young Living member yet, I'd love to invite you to join us today! There are already a variety of starter kit options available! Or if you want to get started with the Savvy Minerals makeup collection, set yourself a reminder to purchase your kit on February 1st, when those kits go LIVE.

We are here to walk you through your journey every step of the way.

Have questions? Shoot us an email!
 Intentional Living in the New Year

Intentional Living in the New Year

I've never really been one for "resolutions".
I've also never been one to jump on the bandwagon as soon as it arrives in town.

I like setting and achieving goals.
I like feeling accomplished.
And mostly, I like not failing.

For me, setting a New Years resolution is - at least in my mind - setting myself up for failure.
(Did you know that multiple studies have shown that 80% of New Years resolutions fail by February? I don't want to be a statistic!)
I like fresh starts and I like accomplishments, but I don't like "resolutions." So what's a girl to do?

Here are a few things I've found helpful for getting that fresh start feeling without committing to any ambiguous, doomed-to-fail resolutions:

1. Set your goal for a short period of time.
If there's one easy way to fail at a New Year's resolution, it's to resolve to do something without a specific time attached. Sure, we all sort of assume that New Years resolutions are something you'll complete in the coming year, but in reality, a goal that has 365 days to be accomplished is likely to fall by the wayside way before you reach the end of that year. (And if not, do you really want to be busting your butt during the busy November/December months  to finish up?!)

Attach a specific finishing time to your goal and when you reach it, set another goal. It's a lot harder to lose 30 pounds in one year than it is to lose 3 lbs in one month, and then lose 3 lbs in the next month, and then 3 lbs in the next month...

2. Be sure to be specific with your goal so you can measure your success later on.
If your goal is to "eat better", there is no real way to measure that. Try something like "Eat vegetables 2x per day." That's specific and measurable. You'll be able to say with certainty that you DID accomplish your goal, rather than looking back and wondering..."Did I really eat better this year?"

3. Make your goal small - smaller than you think is reasonable.
Yes, I said it. Aim for less than you think you can achieve. If there is one thing I've learned over the years, it's that accomplishing a series of small goals will spur you on to accomplish even more small goals. Big goals are overwhelming. Small goals are manageable. So make it small, and then make it happen.

4. Focus on replacing habits - not changing habits.
I believe that the only way to true long-term success is to shift your focus and slowly begin replacing poor habits with healthy habits. Don't start out trying to add in healthy habits or drop unhealthy habits. Look for ways to replace the poor habits you have with better ones.

Instead of watching the news, you might take a 20-minute walk around your neighborhood.
Instead of getting up and immediately scrolling social media or checking email, you might choose to read a book for 15 minutes.
Instead of grabbing a sugary drink on the way to work, bring along some water or another healthy drink to keep your energy strong throughout the day.

Replace your old habits with new ones and set your brain to focus on those replacements.

5. Find an accountability partner.
Don't try to go it alone. We were designed to live in community. Where I live (in the United States) we tend to think we can function autonomously. We don't need anyone else! We are independent! But in reality, we all need someone to ask how we're doing, to come alongside us and partner with us, and when necessary, to hold our feet to the fire. 

Find a friend, let them know what you'd like from them (maybe a weekly check-in text or a monthly coffee date?) and commit to being honest with them about your successes and failures.

6. Don't wait until a certain date to start again.
While the first day of January is a great day to start fresh, there is truly nothing magical about that date. We can all start fresh on any day we please. If you fall, pick yourself back up. If you mess up and miss your goal, start again. Allowing yourself to feel defeated will never give you what you need to keep pressing on.

Give yourself grace. Know you will make mistakes. And then when you slip up, allow yourself to begin again. Even if it's a cold, snowy February 19th. Or a hot, sticky July 27th. Or a crisp, cool September 26th. Any calendar day works to start over. Don't throw away what time you have. No matter what day it is, you can start fresh today.


Incorporating these steps into my own goal-setting processes has been key for my accomplishments over the past several years. 
If you're looking for a few books to help spur you on to focusing on changes and completing your goals, here are a few that I personally love:

Start by Jon Acuff
The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
Finish by Jon Acuff

While there is a myriad of goal-setting categories from which to choose, we all know that many people set health goals for the new year - goals that involve focusing on personal health for more vitality of life. If you know you need to make a change for the better in regards to your health, but you're not sure where to start, we'd love to hear from you! Our journey to intentional healthy living starting about 8 years ago and we have slowly been replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones ever since. We are on this journey with you and would love to help you find joy and wellness in a healthier lifestyle. We would be honored to come alongside you to help you break down your goals and set you on a path to healthy living!

Young Living has been a crucial part of our family's health journey, and they have multiple starter kits available for those with even the smallest budget. We'd be happy to talk with you and see what would be your best option for getting started today!

No matter what your goals or resolutions are this year, we want to wish you a very Happy New Year!
May 2018 be a blessing to you and your loved ones!
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